Essential Oils

Read about the effects and benefits of each essential oil added to our perfume oils.

AMYRIS: enhances meditation

BALSAM FIR: strong energy and immunity, movement in body, breath flowing

BENZOIN: heals wounds, ease breathing

BERGAMOT: inspiring, feel centered, security, sleep

BLACK PEPPER: inspiring productivity, confidence, move energy, belly comfort

CEDARWOOD: protective, relaxing, grounding breath

CHAMOMILE: relaxing, sense of well-being, calm worried mind, encourage sleep

CLARY SAGE: soothing mind from negativity, relaxing mind body heart

CLOVE: purify air, vibrant health

CYPRESS: peaceful, stability, energy flowing

FRANKINCENSE: sacred space, peace, connection, clear deep breathing from meditation to cold season, skin regeneration, scars

GERANIUM: heart comforting, dissolve stagnation, blocked energy 

GINGER: get things moving, spark confidence, adventure, belly comfort

GRAPEFRUIT: joy and laughter to heart, ease worries, fresh perspective, enjoyment

HELICHRYSUM: everlasting, “immortal”, rejuvenating, anti-aging

HOWOOD: balance and calm mind body spirit

HYSSOP: inspires clarity and stillness, release blocks

JASMIN: sensuality, open heart to self love, compassion for others, new experiences

JUNIPER BERRY: shakes up stagnant energy, sparking spirit 

LAVENDER: nurturing, restore body heart mind, relaxing, skin regenerative

LEMON: lively, sparkling, refreshing spirit, support breath, clean germs

LIME: vibrant, reinvigorates senses, charges body with renewed energy

MANDARIN: inspires optimism, feelings of safety, connecting to others, calming, positive, comfort mind body heart

MELISSA: deeply comforting during times of heartbreak or loss, restore body, soothe skin

NEROLI: soothe sudden distressing emotions, nurturing heart

ORANGE: refreshing, uplifting, energizing, inspire positive energy, boost immune system 

PALMAROSA: calm sense of urgency, soothing, inspiring, 

PALO SANTO: rituals, purify sacred space, security, serenity, connection to earth, for meditation, soothe spirit on stressful days

PATCHOULI: relaxing, for meditation, calm, calm skin redness and tenderness

PINE SCOTCH: support easy steady deep breathing (physical or emotional), emotional composure

ROSE: comforting, loving inspiration, soothe troubled spirit, during emotional or physical stress

ROSEMARY: relaxing, clear mind, clarifying, restoring effects for skin and breath, hair growth

ROSEWOOD: relaxing, relieving tension, soften heart, invite spiritual healing

SPEARMINT: inspires enthusiasm and joy, encourages to engage with life wholeheartedly, energizing, soothe muscles

SPRUCE BLACK: keep energy levels flowing, protect from germs, open breath, feel like yourself, rested night

SANDALWOOD: feelings of security and trust, heart expressing freely, spiritual, inner peace, purifying skin, energy flowing smoothly

TOBACCO: aphrodisiac, grounding, soothes skin conditions

VANILLA: soothing, calming

VETIVER: grounding, calming, tranquility, calm skin redness

WHITE LOTUS: symbol of awakening, spiritual growth, promote sense of harmony, calming, soothing, uplifts mood, clears mind, promote serenity, enhances meditation 

YLANG YLANG: relaxing, quiet mind body heart, release tension, open heart to deep healing and bliss