Candle - Seed of Hope

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Inspired by Ukraine’s national flower - the Sunflower🌻{соняшник / sonyashnyk}. Sunflowers have become a much needed symbol of hope during this devastating time.

Chamomile {ромашка / romashka} and citrus scent with floral top inspired by the Ukrainian wreath {vinók / вінок}. The label features our national flower, as well as a touch of beautiful Ukrainian embroidery. 

Our candles for Ukraine come in 2 sizes:

Small - 118mL - for $7

Large - 237mL - for $14 

For anyone who wishes to donate without purchasing multiple candles, we have added donation options.

Дякуємо 💙💛 Слава Україні🇺🇦

Thank you 💙💛 Glory to Ukraine🇺🇦

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